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Stakeholder Reflection Group

The Stakeholder Reflection Group (SRG) brings together a number of stakeholders from different backgrounds who share an interest in the issue of radioactive waste management and geological disposal in particular. This group has an important role, as it gathers the knowledge and experience of different concerned actors complementary to those represented in the Steering Committee. Their input and advice will be essential to enable the researchers to draw conclusions (in each of the four RTD WPs) that are embedded in practical experiences and of use to ‘practitioners’ in the field.

The SRG will be formally invited to give feedback at six occasions during the course of the project. This will be through email exchange, tele- or videoconferencing, or actual meetings combined with the stakeholder seminars. 

The members of the SRG are: 
-       Maarten Van Geet     (Ondraf/Niras, Belgium - IGD-TP representative)     
-       Stewart Kemp     (Nuclear Legacy Advisory Forum, UK)
-       Markku Lethonen    (University of Sussex - The Sussex Energy Group, UK)

Kjell Andersson, coordinator of IPPA project will also be invited to attend SRG meetings.

Michel Callon and Timothy Knowles Knowles resigned from the SRG in the beginning of 2013. We would like to thank them for their contributions to the project
-       Michel Callon     (Ecole des Mines de Paris, France)
-       Timothy Knowles    (Cumbria County Council, UK)