InSOTEC will identify some of the key remaining socio-political challenges with regard to high level radioactive waste management, focussing notably on the proposed option of geological disposal. More specifically, the project will thoroughly investigate the relationship between these social challenges and the technological challenges.


The main objectives of this project are to:

- Identify and clarify socio-technical challenges related to geological disposal, within their national contexts and within the international perspective.

- Develop further analytical insights into these challenges by means of a number of case studies, analysis of which would focus on selected topics related to the interplay between technical and socio-political challenges.

- Advance and facilitate mutual learning, and advise and assist scientists and technological experts to develop the tools and the ability to communicate in a two way process about their work and to engage with stakeholders on technical and safety issues.

- Advise the IGD-TP on how strengthen its position and message to the world of decisionmakers, through the integration of a social component within the scope of its work by:

    - Exploring with the IGD-TP different ways of supporting and making operational the platform’s Exchange Forum and fulfil its ambition to link a broader range of  stakeholders (of which some non-institutional) on a structured basis to the platform;     
- Making concrete suggestions to the IGD-TP on how to set priorities for a multidisciplinary research agenda that           incorporates the social sciences and which  will address socio-technical challenges in a coherent and integrated way.