Practical recommendations to address implementing GD as a sociotechnical


Work package 4 will bring the main findings of the three research strands in WP1, WP2 and WP3

together in a final report which will offer the IGD-TP concrete recommendations on how a social

component might be integrated in the platform’s activity, to help the IGD-TP address sociotechnical

challenges as a single problem.

OEKO will take the lead in WP4. As OEKO is also leader of work package 5 of the IPPA project, it

can be assured that a link is provided to some of the results, and in particularly the ‘Tool box’, of

the IPPA project. To identify these links and consider potential joint lessons learnt from the two

projects, a joint work meeting will be planned near the end of the project, where some of the lead

partners in each project will reflect on common and complementary insights.