Addressing the interaction among producers and users of sociotechnical

knowledge on radioactive waste management

WP3 will explore, map and analyse the interactions between the organisations producing technical

knowledge on radioactive waste management and the main users and lay stakeholders. It will also

consider how other sources and types of knowledge feed into this system and whether and how a

closer interaction between these different spheres could be pursued.

The attempt is to illustrate the interconnections between the sources of different types of

information and knowledge development with the various stakeholders having access to that

information, in order to better understand the challenges involved in these socio-technical networks.

This will enable us to better understand the ways in which the field of communication is structured

and, therefore, the lessons that can be learnt from already established information exchange

practices (at the local, national and international level), as well as the interaction with currently

ongoing (and planned) technical research projects in the field of geological disposal, to suggest

what might be a productive working relation between the IGD-TP and other existing forums.

InSOTEC will establish contact with the IGD-TP at the very beginning of this task, to analyse the

extent to which the results of this WP could be integrated in the IGD-TP Exchange Forum work

programme. Interaction with and between different types of stakeholders in the two project

seminars and regular contact with the project’s Stakeholder Reflection Group (SRG) will be an

important additional source of information for this work package. In addition, interaction with other

forums and platforms will be undertaken during the progress of this WP.