Developing a better understanding of socio-technical combinations

The second work package will then be dedicated to developing a better understanding of this

relationship between social and technical challenges. Here mechanisms will be identified for

‘bridging’ remaining social and technical challenges and considering how they influence each other.

This will be done by looking at a selected number of specific socio-technical challenges across a

number of smaller case studies adopting a Science and Technology Studies (STS) approach, and

making use of the thinking of systems innovation and transition management ideas. The aim is to

carry out three to four of such ‘problem related research studies’, the topics of which will be

determined based on the findings of WP1 and after consultation with the project’s Stakeholder

Reflection Group (see WP6).

At the end of this research work, general conclusions will be drawn about how equilibriums are

‘negotiated’ between social requirements and technical constraints, what this means in terms of

radioactive waste management as a combined social and technical activity, and to what extent the

concept of geological disposal is being shaped by its social environment.