Mapping remaining socio-technical challenges for implementing GD

A first work package will identify remaining socio-political challenges and link these to the national

contexts (including technical challenges), within which they have been observed. In all it is

envisaged to look more closely at 14 countries, namely: Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic,

Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the

UK and USA.

Furthermore, an overview will be provided of the state of the art in social science research on

radioactive waste management (and geological disposal in particular) in these countries and on the

international level (EC funded projects, NEA-FSC initiatives, etc.).

At the end of this work package, a good insight should have been gained into what can be seen as

the main social challenges (on a general level across countries, as well as in more country specific

terms) and how these relate to what is perceived by various types of concerned parties as the main

technological challenges.