Pieter Leroy

Pieter Leroy is full Professor of Political Sciences of the Environment at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, since 1994. He graduated in sociology at the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium (1976), got his PhD in social and political sciences at Antwerp University, Belgium (1983), and was appointed as Associate professor at Radboud University in 1988. At Radboud University Nijmegen Pieter Leroy is (co-)responsible for the Master Programme in Social and Political Sciences of the Environment (SPSE), a Bachelor programme in spatial planning, human geography and environmental studies 

the Master Programme European Spatial and Environmental Planning (ESEP). 

Pieter Leroy has a long experience in research of environmental conflicts, and in the analysis of environmental politics and policies. His recent research focuses on institutional policy analysis in the environmental field, in particular on the emergence and functioning of new policy arrangements, in a context of more encompassing societal and political changes. The former comprehend new governmental strategies, including new modes of governance through private standards and regulations, through dialogues, round tables, partnerships etc. The latter refer to multi actor and multi level governance, to new interrelations between state, market and civil society, to Europeanisation, globalisation, etc. Most of his research has a comparative, either cross-national or cross-sector character. In addition, his research focuses on topics such as public participation, the role of environmental knowledge in decision-making, the science-policy interface and (participatory) environmental policy evaluation. Pieter Leroy also published on environmental studies, on inter- and transdisciplinarity, on new forms of knowledge production and related science-policy issues. 

Over the years, Professor Pieter Leroy was and still is a member or chair of scientific councils and advisory boards on environmental and sustainability issues, on social sciences environmental research, and on environmental policy making in Belgium (State of the Environment report; Co-ordinator of the Research Centre on Environmental Policy), France (Service Central de l'Observation et des Statistiques du Ministère en charge du développement durable), the Netherlands (Sustainability Monitor) and at EU level (on biodiversity and environmental policy evaluation).